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Monday, October 23

Your suggestion is my command

This weekend we've been discussing the nature and goal of brats' submission to me.

We seem to do that a lot, don't we? Well, to me, communication, theflow of ideas and taking the time to discuss difficult subjects is hugely important - even more so in the strange situation we find ourselves.

What prompted our latest round of discussions was the discovery that the collar was on its way. Time, I thought, for a good check of how brat's brain is coping with being a slave and how she's viewing the prospect of being "officially" enslaved.

We came to the conclusion that this was all a good thing, that she can't wait to wear my sexy collar around her neck and that she would strive to be much more pro-active. A slave that reacts well to her Masters' commands is all very well, but it's a step up from that to reading Masters' body language, learning those subtle clues, knowing His habits, antiscipating His needs and proactivly seeking to serve Him without being asked.

She took this discussion onboard and how!

OK, so after almost ten years together, you'd expect her to know m rather well and to be able to adjust to this new dynamic with ease. It's absolutely true. She's doing incredibly well and spent the weekend serving drinks, fetching things I wanted, antiscipating when the kids were getting on my nerves, etc. It's a good sign and a step on from the servitude she's been offering up to now.

Now, I don't know if this is something to do with her excitement at ebing ccollared, a result of her feeling extra submissive, but she's gone spanking crazy this weekend. Several times each day she's bounced around the living room, locked the door, dropped her panties and put herself over my lap for a good asswarming. Also, each night she's automatically lying on her front in bed, in position for her daily bedtime spanking. Such a good girl!

I'm loving it!

But it gets better. She's been offering more than her ass, folks.

Avid readers may recall that one of our most basic rules is that brat must consent to the penetration of my choice on demand, and that she's not allowed to cum without permission. Mix these up and add a dash of her new proactive attitude and what you have is your slave proffering her freshly spanked ass in your direction, alluringly draped over the high arm of the sofa with a comment to the effect of "would Master like to use his slave?"

I'm not sure entirely how selfless this act actually is, but feeling every inch the masterful monster, I took full advantage of her submission, spanking her soundly, penetrating her deeply and pumping her hard while she concentrated on holding off her orgasm and making her pussy and body just as pleasing as possible to me. The first time she offered herself in this fashion I made her wait at least ten minutes before releasing her with what I suspect is her favourite command:


I adore the feeling of her pussy muscles clamping down around my cock as her orgasm takes her! It's so primal! And the orgasm she has is spectacular. If only we didn't have to keep quiet. Last time I fucked her like that in private, the screams were nothing less than awe inspiring!

After another ten minutes of hard fucking, my poor knees neded a bit of a rest, so I had her come and cuddle me while I recovered. She marvelled about how good it was to give herself to me like that and how - in her head, at least - she hadn't been in the mood until I'd told her to cum. I take issue with that. Her pussy was definitely ready, judging by the amount of lubricant I'd encountered! It seems her mind and body still aren't in synch. All the better. Some people might see me as some kind of chauvanistic git for making my girl offer herself to be use for sex when she doesn't want it, but then most people would see me as an abusive bastard for taking a cane to her.

Oh how wrong you are, you small minded clots.

What you don't know is the burning desire that mounts in her body (if not her mind - for a few hours, anyway) after a good session. You don't get to experience the wonderment of a girl who takes emotional pleasure from being used purely for her man's enjoyment.

On one occasion yesterday I allowed her to cum freely during a fuck. She duly clamped hard down on my cock, gasping and panting as one looong orgasm stretched from seconds to minutes - and more minutes - as I took every ounce of pleasure inside her.

Then, because I like her to experience it with a clear, focussed mind, I ordered her to stop cumming as I felt my own climax build. She did well, not quite managing to hold off one last cum as I delivered my hot gift deep inside her with much grunting, gasping and "Oh god, yeah"'s.

Words cannot describe the exquisite feeling that comes with this Masters' orgasm, knowing that his slave is totally focussed on what He's doing to her.

She hadn't finished pleasing me then, though. To compensate for making her take my cum without her own orgasm, I allowed her to lie at my feet and masturbate using my cum to lubricate her clit.

It took her about thirty seconds to bring herself to three of the hugest, wettest, squirmiest, thrashingest, longest lasting orgasms she's ever had.

It took a disgusting amount of tissue to clean herself off afterwards! We spent the rest of the afternoon deeply content and thoroughly fucked.

later that evening, near to bedtime, with the sprogs finally tucked up in bed, I decided it might be time for another round. This was when we discovered that even with liberal application of lube, I'd fucked her so entirely sore that any more action would be more torture than pleasure and as I only get off on hearing "Ouch" during sex when I've attached some kind of torture implement to her and not in response to the thrustings of my cock, I decided to let her recover. Aren't I nice?

But not all things in the garden are rosy. For ne reason or another - not because of the recurring bouts of sex - brat decided she would hardly drink anything yesterday, realising with devastation at midnight that she'd notched up four demerits.


I gave her three options for working them off - four full power lashes with the cane, an hour in bondage or thirty minutes' cornertime. She ummed and ahhed for ages so I finally made the decision for her. So tonight she will be cuffed, chained and padlocked to the bed for sixty minutes. Not so bad, you think. The thing is, when nothing else is happening, you have nothing to do but focus on the inescapability of your situation, of the fact that your movements have been restricted because you've been naughty.

Apparenly, though, that wasn't enough for her. Shortly before retiring to bed, the situation came aorund that I was teasing her with kisses - you know the thing, brushing her lips with yours, breathin on her and getting ohhh so close but not touching, that kind of thing. Well, she decided to steal a few, which she knows will get her a minor punishment for being bratty, but then her natural brat took hold and a few really silly phrases started popping out of her mouth, like "you won't" and "Ha! I win!".

Really. On the list of things not to say to your Master, they have to be up there!

So along with her bondage punishment tonight, she will either find herself being covered in hot wax, or subjected to an hour of orgasm denial - something she counts as the worst punishent I could give her and the only one she hasn't experienced so far.

I swear she does it on purpose. Tonight should be very interesting, especially as it's not only the collar that's due to be delivered today, but a very secure, lockable ballgag.

Cue wickedly evil belly laugh


Tiggr d'Amore said...

Oh my goodness,

You two have had quite the weekend... I trust brat is feeling better physically, too, after all this play?

Do tell all, please... you do it very well indeed... am dying to here the collaring story...

If it was me, BTW, I'd have taken the cane... why? Well, because of those three things, it's the one I fear most of all...

Big hugs and lenty of pillows in advance,

Master Fitznicely said...

My brat is feeling much recovered, thanks. I reckon all the sex helped!

She hasn't had her punishment yet as we're still waiting for the damn collar to arrive!

Hopefully it'll come soon, as she's got a night out with the girls on Saturday and that things' just about the only guarantee I've got that she'll behave herself!

Paul said...

Great post Fitz, seem brat is coming along well, I'd love to hear about the collaring.
When Mel had a night out with the girls, she always had a warm seat to remind her to behave, it mostly worked.
Be well,

Anonymous said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing. Also looking forward to the collaring story. Would be great if you could add a picture of the collar too!

~Todd & Suzy

Theresa said...

Ummm I love good belly laughs, wickely evil or otherwise. Sounds like a good time was had by all!