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Sunday, October 1

Next day

Apologies for the slight delay getting around to Wednesdays' events. Sometimes life just gets in the damn way, y'know?

Before I start, here's a big HI to everyone who's come here via Tiggr's kind words this morning! We're both regular readers of her blog and Dante's. What a pair! The "Regular reads" blogroll on my sidebar is quite literally what it says - my Bloglines feed. If you're not on there, I apologise. Leave me a note in the comments and I'll add you to my daily reading with pleasure.

Anyway...On with the business at hand:

Wednesday was a better day, it has to be said. My brat certainly didn't wake up in anywhere near as much of a bad mood and the school run went well.

I love bondage - it's played a significant role in our love-life pre-slavery and has been a totally integral part of our new lifestyle. Knowing this, it's probably a little unbelievable that I've never had brat in chains for more than a few minutes before now - long enough for us to spend our sexual energy, unsurprisingly. Well, that day I decided to fulfil a desire I'd had for some time, put her in wrist and ankle cuffs and locked her black collar on her. This, besides my favourite long black socks and elbow length gloves was to be her attire for the day. After she'd completed her college homework, I arranged some sheets and cushions on the floor by where I was sitting and attached her collar and cuffs with a couple of lengths of chain, locking them just close enough to inhibit walking and stop her reaching her mouth. I then left her sitting on her "bed" with the bitgag in her mouth while I put lunch in the oven and settled myself.

For a while I sat with her at my feet in chains, reading websites and discussing various things - her continuing worry about her parents and how the restraints made her feel, then we came across a rather hot story which I read out to her.

When I turned away from the screen and caught her eye, the look of pure desire she fixed me with made my heart stop in its tracks. We'd been talking just a few moments before about various things we'd like to do and I'd broached the subject of a no-safeword bound spanking, intended to make her cry and to push her beyond her limits. Then I'd found a story about just such a scenario.

"Let's do it. Right now"
"make me cum first, please?"
"No fuckin' problem"

I took brat by her lead and led her, still in chains, up to our bedroom. Once I'd swapped my leather cuffs for handcuffs and secured her to the bed, I played with her clit mercilessly, bringing her to such a huge climax that I swear her thrashings could have pulled the rungs right out of our pine headboard.

Then I flipped her over, inserted our largest dildo into her eager pussy and pumped it until she was on the verge of another orgasm. And then the spanking began. I swiftly set up a rhythmic pace, spanking each cheek in turn, reasonably lightly, intending that the repetetive stinging pressure would take her into the pleasure zone - which it did, with a couple of rests while I pumped the dildo into her until she came on it. After a couple of rests, and with her starting to come out with the odd "Ouch", I increased the tempo, spanking hard and fast on each cheek repetetively - which I know brat finds incredibly uncomfortable.

Her breath started coming in ragged gasps and the "ouches" became more regular. Twice she used our "halfway house" safeword to give herself a break, during which I again pumped the dildo in and out of her gushing pussy, bringing her to a state of almost constant orgasm for the whole of her rest periods.

After maybe ten minutes of this rhythm, I realised to my disappointment that it would probably be beyond my strength to cause enough pain to make her cry with mere spanking, so I decided to switch to the cane.

My brat moaned with resignation when I told her, but as she was once again being fucked, it may have been something else.

I started lightly with the cane - not entirely sure why, I think it may have been some instinct that told me to probe her limits carefully, to not take her directly to whatever place in the serious spanko's mind where the tears flow like water.

However, it seems that her well punished - an in fact already bruised - bottom wasn't going to take much more and a few medium strength lashes had her weeping and begging for another rest. I reluctantly went back to hand spanking, but then had a revelation - a moment, it must be said, of clarity.

The reaction I'd seen in my brat when I caned her was exactly the reaction I wanted to see.

I stopped my ministrations with the dildo and informed her I would be going back to the cane and that we were so close to the climax of what we were trying to achieve...

I made her cum a couple more times, failing to leave the dildo inside her as by now she was so completely soaked that it wouldn't stay put, then I starte in with the cane once more.

Within a couple of strokes I had her telling me it was really bad, then the tears started - and kept on coming.

Fighting with my desire not to hurt her too much, I kept on landing stroke after stroke, listening to her sobs, marvelling as they actually changed from light but strong weeping to deep gasping sobs as the blows kept landing. Eventually I let her rest, kissing her and reassuring her like I had for the last few rest stops. Then I tentatively began pumping the dildo again, wondering what her reaction would be.

The reaction was that she came again immediately, still in tears. I was blown away, and vastly encouraged. By this point, the leaked lubricant from her deeply filled pussy was coating te insides of her thigns maybe halfway to her knees.

Time constraints and my instincts dictated that brat only recieved one more session with the cane, this time crying much more deeply and profoundly than the previous time, totally abandoned to the pain and other sensations she was doubtless feeling.

When I stopped, I gave her one last good fucking, then took her in my arms. Incredibly, she was far more interested in me removing the chafing handcuffs than anything else, but then, after some investigation of her very very sore arse and some seriously profound cuddling, we had to face daily realities again.

Three o'clock was rapidly approaching and the children would soon need collecting. Brat, however, was in no state to go anywhere. She was, in fact, finding it rather hard to stand and when she did manage to stand, reported that she felt not a little spacey. Was it Subspace? We don't know. I know it's the first time she's been in a state like that. Maybe I need to get her there a few more times before we can make a decent judgement.

After she'd come down from her high enough to walk downstairs, I left her, desperately reluctantly, to clear up, compose herself and test out her visciously punished ass on the relatively soft sofa. Lunch was rescued and bolted just before I ran out to collect the kids.

A few decicions were reached that evening. I "banned her" from phoning her family until Saturday - the speechmarks are because this is the story I told her mother. The reality is that brat just wanted some damn time off from the daily identical half-hour calls. They're only half an hour becaue that's what I limit her to on pain of punishment, otherwise it would be three solid hours of the same gossip as the night before...and the night before that...and the night before that.

Is it any wonder I banned her? Is it any wonder she wanted to be banned?

Also, we agreed that her poor bum would take some time off, and any demerits would be worked off by time in strict bondage, or corner time with nipple clamps attached.

Her bum took about three days to recover, during which time it sported some of the sexiest bruising I've ever seen and definitely the most bruising I've ever inflicted. We didn't take any photos, I'm afraid, spankfans, but there's plenty else we've discovered in the ensuing half-week which may be just as photogenic, such as her tolerance for having pegs attached to her pussy while being fucked over the sofa, or her intolerance of even half an hour of inescapable rope bondage.

I bet you want to know all about that, don't you, you pervs? Tsk. Well, you'll just have to wait...


Theresa said...

Master Fitz

Sounds like a fun time was had by all! I have a question though..what are sexy bruises? Are they different, or is it just that you find a bruised bottom sexy?

Just curious

Master Fitznicely said...


They were sexy because I'd put them there during a deeply erotic session :)

Usually, I don't find a bruised bum too sexy, but it seems to be different if I've done the bruising myself.

Weird, eh?

Theresa said...

Not weird at I get it!


Kayley said...

Master Fitz, that was the funniest thing I've heard - about the bruised butt being sexy only if you do it. *giggles a bit*

Sexy story, btw!! Liked it!! Jack and I are into bondage, but our bondage is more like the vanilla one. lol I do love handcuffs though! And I managed to break the leather ones, so I had to get the metal handcuffs.

Funny enough, they asked once at the airport control if I was a cop. lol

Anonymous said...

Very shorts, simple and easy to understand, bet some more comments from your side would be great