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Wednesday, February 24

Teaching her her place

Breathlessly, she pushes back onto him, on her hands and knees, eyes screwed shut, on the verge of orgasm for the who-cares-fuck-me'th time...

He grimaces with effort as he slams his cock into her, sweat dripping into his eyes, fingernails digging into her hips and he pulls her hard onto him, revelling in the moans, yips and gasps as he takes her to that place where she can't stop cumming.

As he feels his sap rising, he pulls away, throwing himself to the bed, gasping for breath, waiting for the throbbing to subside a little, hyper aware of her still on hands and knees, her mottled red and black bruised and welted arse high, waiting for him to put it back in and fuck her some more, but he has other ideas.

They've played hard for months and they've talked, in those quiet times with her snivelling on his lap, about what they want from this. She's mused on how far she could go, how good it feels to let him be in control...but something always feels incomplete to him, and he suspects she knows it too. There's one step to go. He's ready, right now, to take it. The difference this time is he doesn't care if she's ready too...

"Baby...come on...fuck me again....I need you inside me"

He doesn't answer, steadying his breath, just lying there, solidifying plans and wiping sweat away, enjoying the animal scent of their fucking, smiling at the thought of what he's about to do.

"I want to tie you up"

She sprawls, arching her back, crawling around to face him and heading for his lap, wanting to suck their combined juices from him. Instead of letting her, though, he holds her head with one hand and pushes it down to the bed.

"I'm going to tie you up. Now"

She moans with lust, writhing, trying to extract her head from under his hand. He considers telling her to assume the position - hands behind back, ankles together - but then dismisses the idea. It's highly unlikely she'd obey anyway. She only follows orders when she wants to. It's been a bone of contention and a reason for many of her canings since they began.

In many ways, she's dictated, or at least guided the development of their play, and their growing relationship. He has reached the point now where it has to end. And it ends tonight. He's supposed ot be the one in charge, dammit, and he's spent many a night recently kicking himself for letting her make the running for so long. OK, it's been immensely enjoyable, but there was still that *something* missing. Time to redress the balance.

He sits up, pushing her head further into the bed, then scoots to the side of the bed and stands, taking a second or two to find his balance, then wandering purposefully towards their play chest, swigging deeply from the sports bottle of water sitting on top of it. Popping the lid back on, he throws it to her while he rummages for the ropes he'll need.

"Have a drink, babe, you're not gonna be able to again for a while"

She lies, watching him gather stuff from the chest, taking small sips and wondering what he's got in mind. They've not really done much bondage, and then just the standard stuff - hogtie, spreadeagle, handcuffs. She sees two lengths of neatly coiled rope in his one hand and her mind fils with happy fantasies. She loves him dominating her, she cums so hard when he tells her what a bitch, what a dirty cunt she is. She wants more. He makes her feel like a bitch in heat when he gets that stern tone in his voice and tells her to bend over his knee, or the back of the armchair. He's made her sob and howl, bark and whine. He gives her every bit of dominance she asks.

Her eyes follow him as he walks back to the bed, blinking as he throws the rope so it lands just in front of her nose. For a moment, she thinks she spots something different in his mood...something...harsher. She opens her mouth to persuade him to tie her wrists to her ankless while she's on her back, the forward hogtie that she adores, when he can piledrive that awesome cock into her and fill her up completely while she cums so fucking hard. He clamps his hand over her mouth quickly, and her eyes widen in surprise. This isn't like him, something IS different!

"Silence, cunt"

What the...? He doesn't call her that unless he's inside her. She's puzzled and starting to feel a little hurt. She's not used to him being so crude oustide of sex.

He takes her hands and places them at the small of her back, uncoiling the rope. She lets her hands fall back down beside her, smiling up at him, cheekily.

He takes her wrists again, this time holding them both together in one hand. She tries to pull away, but he holds her tight. It pinches a little as she sqirms and she lets out a little "Ow".

"If you don't want it to hurt, stay still"


She pulls more, but his large hands are plenty strong enough to hold her in place. He wraps the rope around her with his free hand, cinching it tight and tying it off swiftly. With her fingertips, she feels for the knot, but it seems to be missing. She twists to take a look, reaching her arms around to her thigh, looking down. The git has tied it out of her reach! She won't be undo-ing this one.

"Hey, I can't get out!"

"Well duh,"



He grasps one ankle and she kicks out with the other, landing a good blow on his chest. He grunts and jumps on top of her, swinging his leg over her and sitting on her legs, facing her feet. She kicks out pathetically, only able to flail from the knees. Realising she can reach his arse with her bound hands, she reaches down and gets her nails in, taking two big chunks of flesh and pinching with all ten fingers. He laughs. He fucking laughs! And he binds her ankles easily, tying the knot at the front, where he knows she can't get to it.

She feels the weight lift off her and she twists onto her side, seeing him stand over her. Her eyes take the long journey from his feet to his face, taking in his wilting but still impressive cock, the flattened stomach she hadn't realised was quite that toned until now, the hairless torso and the stern face.

He hops down from the bed and looks at her, hands on his hips, and she suddenly realises that its not such a comical pose as she used to think. She looks into his eyes and there's a purpose there that she's not sure she likes.



Her face exlodes with the sting of the slap, it takes a while for her to comprehend what he's done. Fire burns on her cheek as lies still, stunned.

"Silence means silence, cunt. I let you off once"



Her ears ring and she feels a trickle of hot wet run from a suddenly sore spot on her lip. Despite herself, her bottom lip starts to quiver, but she catches herself, her resolve hardening. The fucker hasn't played this rough before and she doesn't like it. He split her lip, the bastard! But for the life of her, she doesn't want another slap, so she bites her tongue and satisfies herself by glaring at him and pulling at the ropes energetically.

"Stop that and lie on your side, facing me"


She stops herself in time, hoping he'll mistake the planned "fuck you" for exertion. She carries right on trying to escape though. Fuck him indeed!

Instead of repeating himself, he simply kneels on the bed and grasps her side as she flops away from him, rolling to face him in the process of getting as far away as she can.

She tries to keep rolling, but he has her in a firm grip. It hurts to move away. Letting out a sigh, she stops fighting, waiting for her time. Leaning her head to the bed, she's faced with the dots of blood from her cut lip, and just for an instant, she's scared. What is this? What's the big idea? He's always cared for her, the pain has always been on her terms. She thought he understood.

"Those tits look so good. You know, I've been wanting to cum over them for a long time,"

No way! She hates him cumming on her tits, getting her all gooey and sticky and smelly...It's not fair, she daren't talk. Her face still stings, but there's no way she's letting him wank over her. She struggles, grunting and wincing, flopping in his grip, taking the pain as his fingers bite into the flesh of her belly. She manages to squirm onto her front, but he flips her back to her side, easily.

With a rising sense of panic, she sees that he's got his cock in his other hand, massaging it back to life and pointing it right at her. She writhes harder, squirming like crazy. He is NOT shooting that crap over her tits!

He moans slightly as he holds her in place, now and again losing a little grip on her and having to turn her back to face him.

"You may talk now, I won't slap you again. For now"

"Fuck you, you bastard. Let me go! You know I don't like you coming on my body!"


"Just fuck me, OK? You've got me all tied up, just use me, shoot inside me, you don't want to waste that on your own hand when I'm all helpless like this, do you?"

"You know what? I fancy wanking over your tits,"

"No, come on, fuck me, pl..."

"Please? Ha! Did you want to say please? Are you actually pleading with me now?"


"You know, that's actually very horny. I don't think I can last much longer"

He speeds up his stroke, gripping her tight now. She pulls at the ropes around her wrists, knowing now that it's going to happen no matter what she does or says.

And then something clicks in her head. She suddenly realises the reality of her situation. In a flash, it dawns on her that it doesn't matter what she wants, that he'll take his pleasure, he'll make her do things his way, no matter what she wants. No matter how hard she tries to persuade him differently. This is new. This isn't how it's been.

In a daze, she feels the hot spunk land on her tits as he grunts and groans his orgasm over her. She looks up at him, marvelling, finally feeling the big picture. Finally connecting the last dot.

He looks down at her, triumphant and spent, grinning widely at the sight of his cum dripping from her nipple onto the bed.

She gazes up at him, all thought of fight gone. It doesn't matter that she's bound. It doesn't matter that the restraints are physical right now. She knows that even when he takes the ropes off, he'll be in charge. By doing just exactly what he wants, he's proved to her that she's not the one dictating the pace anymore. He's took his own pleasure and she was helpless to change his mind. He's proved, in the most intimate and succinct way she could imagine that what she wants no longer matters. She knows she will have to please him now, that she will live to serve him and her wishes will be his to indulge or ignore. Her mind clears completely and she feels at peace for the first time.

"You OK?"

"Yes Master"

If there's a better sight....

than your slave unable to stop themselves from cumming after you've wound them up to fever pitch and stopped touching them, I wanna know

Saturday, February 20

I own your body

Lie still, listen

I can make you squirm and dance for Me, just with My voice.

You know it, it entrances you, you can't help yourself.

You feel it in your cunt when I tell you all the things I'm going to do to you

I know how wet you get when I call you My whore, My cunt, Mine

I know you moisten for Me when I tell you to get on your knees and present yourself

I love how I can make you jump just with a simple touch...there! Yess

I'm going to make you moan and shake ans squirm

I know how sensitive you get when I run just a single fingertip over your circles around your hardening nipple...over your belly, making the muscles twitch, down, down, over your hip and up over your thigh

I know how good it feels for you when I lie beside you, My erection hard against your thigh, and whisper in your ear how good it feels to slide inside you

I know how desperate you are to feel Me use you, to feel it all drip from you when I'm done with you

Touch yourself now, run just one finger around your clit, moan for Me. Ache for Me. Tremble for Me. Yes.

Take yourself to the edge. Don't cum...stop

Calm, calm.

Your cum is Mine. I tell you when

Now, play again.

No, you can't cum yet. I tell you when

That's My cum, My cunt. You obey.


Now you're ready to feel Me. Now you're ready to jump under my barest touch. Now every nerve ending is lit up for pleasure and even a tiny that....even the smallest touch makes you want Me in you, makes you want to cum so bad

You want relief. I know how desperately you ache for your cum

I want you to suffer for me

Play again.

Take yourself right to the STOP

Good girl. Calm down.

I know you hate to beg. I know you bite your lip to stop from pleading. But I know you are. I know you're begging Me right now to let you go over the edge and find relief. Maybe I'll let you next time.

Maybe you'll fetch Me a drink.

We should go for a walk.

I want you to feel that ache in your clit.

I want to put my hand on your arse in a crowd and know you tremble for your cum. My cunt. My horny, juicy, helpless cunt.

Play with yourself.

Yes, yes, now you beg. I hear those tiny whispers, pleading.

You know I've tormented you all day like this. Maybe I should stop you again and again and again and again.

Maybe I should just fuck you, use that special position where you can feel nothing and I can feel everything

You want to be nothing but an object for Me to take My pleasure in.

You ARE an object for Me to take My pleasure inside


Sunday, June 28

I'm back!

Three long years later, has been de-mothballed.

I'll post an update and a bit more in a while. For now, I'll just say that the girl and I are still together, still Master and slave and stronger and happier than ever.

Hi everyone! It's good to be back...

Tuesday, October 31

brat post!

hi all. i'm feeling better, just a bit bogged down with stuff at the moment (2 exams in the next few weeks, argh!) and also the attack of the "can't be arsed" symdrome too! and tiggr, i have still been getting my usual nightly spanking, i may have a long spanking coming tomorrow, and sat in bondage at Master Fitz's feet. i wil however be wearing a clothes peg on my nose... hehehe

i have been thinking though that a slave must be an angel, after all our halo slipped and got stuck around our necks!.. just a thought :)

thanks for the concern, and comments for me to get better.

brat xx

Monday, October 30

Update thingy

The long-awaited punishment: poor brat has had tonsillitis - something she's suffered regularly from for her whole life, but which isn't bad enough to benefit from an operation - for about a week now, so she simply got a few whacks with the crop on Friday night. Boring, but there ya go. Doesn't help anyone to keep a punishment waiting too long, as we've found out.

Collaring: We're still waiting for the damn thing to arrive! I have a tentative plan for a collaring ceremony and I'm tempted to post the oulines before the event, but then I reckon it'd be more appropriate to hold fire and present everything as a done deal. It's lovely and intimate and I just have to remember to take pics and/or video. Now...where's that parcel?

The big move: There's a lot of housekeeping involved in the actual site move and we're also busy busy in real life right up until the 1st, so there might be very little going up between then and now.

One thing I can mention is that brat's been sleeping very soundly lately on her nicely reddened ass each night. It's interesting to see her reaction to each spanking. one night she'll hardly utter a sound and thank me for a lovely, stingy bum, but then - like last night - she'll be writhing and complaining from the first swat. I swear I'm not hitting her any harder, but I reckon some days she's more sensetive than others.

I'm loving these little nightly sessions, though. Watching her ass get that lovely pink glow to it and knowing she's curling up all tingly is magical!

Now, guys, don't forget to vote in both of our polls:

The great renaming poll is doing well, with in a slight lead, but that can all change between today and tomorrow. It's up to you, remember!

Our Hallowe'en poll is making interesting reading, with "Christmas" and "OTK" well out there in the lead. Lend us your votes, people, and you never know, we might just do the winning activity!

(get your spanking votes in now to see a good red brat-ass on Tuesday night, folks!)

Saturday, October 28

Moving on, moving UP!

About a year ago, I was asked to build and maintain a website for some friends of mine. I found a great web hosting company and subsequently bought some more space to use for my own blog, which by then was two and a half years old.

The thing is, that blog isn't very big and I find myself with two thirds of my allocated webspace sitting empty, idle and unused.

It seems silly not to use this wasted space for this blog which has, in three short months become somewhat more popular than I expected.

So we're going to be on the move soon, which means we have to pick a new web address.

As it's been YOU dear readers who have been wonderful enough to precipitate this decision, we're going to give YOU the chane to pick the new address!

There's two to choose from:


You can either vote on the poll in our sidebar, or you can leave a comment in reply to this post. The votes will be counted at 10am Tuesday morning (GMT) and the winning address will be purchased and set in place soon after that.

This is all happening because you guys are so brilliant, and we can't thank you enough for keeping coming back and sharing this important part of our lives with us!

Friday, October 27

Poll time!

Master's Mighty PolePoll

How are you going to be celebrating Hallowe'en?

Roaring fire, gory movie, bottle of wine
Over someone's lap, working on my "tan"
Performing a Samhain Ritual
Who's got time for Hallowe'en? It's Christmas soon!

Thursday, October 26

How much of a Brat?

Saw this on Kayley's blog...just had to do it!

Bratting - an Option

You are 55% brat!

You are a brat. Maybe not a full-time one, but you know when to use bratting to your advantage, and you do so, even if it makes people uneasy sometimes.

You try to take things seriously, but you're not always very successful. Let's just say that laughing at a problem makes it less of a problem.

You are mostly an optimistic person, a playful character. You have imagination. Most of the times you have a smart comment to make, but choose not to do so.

If you want to become the perfect brat, you still have a little pratice to do. You should get spanked!

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on brat

Link: The How much of a brat are you? Test written by KayleyBlue on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Half Nekkid Thursday #4: Tit For Tat

Waddya mean the puns are getting worse?

Let's be honest here, folks, I could write my shopping list down here and no-one would be any the wiser. I know, I know, what an impressive tattoo!

The Eye of Horus came first, eight years ago, but then a couple of years later, she decided it wasn't enough and had that tribal design (she says it's not a devil. Lucifer would disagree, I feel) put around it.

In between those, she had a little shark done on the other shoulder. Anyone want to see that one?

Nest weeks' HNT will be a Halloweeny theme. Not sure who's going to be posing. It depends who can get the apple furthest into their mouths without breaking their jaw...or who wants to wear the silly vinyl cloak we picked up yesterday as a joke...

Worn down

Apologies for not posting anything yesterday.

I was doing my geek thing and installing a wireless network in the house and brat was off working, which left me not only running between two PC's, but dealing with two attention-starved kids and a gas outage.

All of that ended up zapping my creative juices completely.

My brat came home very late and totally shatered and one of our lovely daughters decided she was going to stay up until past midnight, so yet again her punishment has been postponed. I've given serious thought to just hogtieing her on the sofa for an hour this morning!

What I'll probably do is give her the four swift whacks with the crop that I was planning in the first place. It's been left long enough as it is.

One thing I did manage to do yesterday is have some thoughts about the collaring ceremony and the magical non-appearing parcel.

I woke up yesterday morning with an idea to integrate the collaring ceremony with our Halloween celebrations.

We're pagans, which means that Halloween, or Samhain, is our New Year. Ususally we don't do anything much, but each year I want to. Well this seemed like the perfect opportunity, so I spent the morning bouncing around Google searching for hints on how to do just that.

Eventually, mostly thanks to Kate West and the good folks on the forums of, I managed to get a tentative plan on paper.

Now all I need to do is write the words we'll need to speak during the ritual.

There will, of course, be pictures., maybe even a video.

Today is HNT day, of course, so stay tuned for a glimpse of one of brat's tats.

When I can come up with a good question, I might even post a poll!

Tuesday, October 24

Holding pattern


According to the USPS website, the service used to ship the collar could take up to three weeks to be delivered, maybe even seven.

I'm not best pleased about that.

On the upside, I will probably administer brat's punishment tomorrow night instead of waiting until it arrives.

I could spit!

I suppose on one hand it's a bit of a relief as we possibly get to take some time and have some privacy in order to make an event of the actual collaring itself instead of doing it last thing at night and risking waking the kids up.

On the other hand, I was really looking forward to it.

Petulant pout

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Another milestone

Just seven days ago, I was celebrating our 2,000th visitor.

Today will see the 3,000th pass through the gates of Casa Fitz!

Un. Believable.

It's such a weird feeling when I look over the stats and see people not just clicking through, but stopping and reading and participating. Very odd.

There are, of course, a number of people to thank for this explosion of traffic:

Last week we saw a spike of visitors when Tiggr was good enough to include us as a possibility for her Wankable Wednesday competition.

Last Sunday, Ann Elisabeth gave us a shoutout as part of her own "Thankyou"s.

We also saw a major spike when we arrived on Spanking Blogs' sidebar.

This week things have gone nuts thanks to Todd & Suzy's wonderful wink, and in the last couple of days, the wonderful Tracy and Bonnie included us on lists of their favourite newly discovered blogs!

If there's anyone I've missed who's recently mentioned us, or added us to their links lists, then do let me know through the comments, or by using the contact section at the top of our sidebar. We'd love to thank you personally.

Of course, this place wouldn't be so much fun for us if it weren't for the teriffic comments you guys leave. I can tell you, I watch our gmail inbox avidly for any new comments to appear! And some of you may have noticed that brat's confidence is increasing and she's now actually wanting to reply to things! Won't be long until she'll be putting her own posts up here, I'm sure.

Here's a shoutout to all our recent commenters (in no particular order):

Todd & Suzy
Good Girl
Master D

We love you!

Monday, October 23

Your suggestion is my command

This weekend we've been discussing the nature and goal of brats' submission to me.

We seem to do that a lot, don't we? Well, to me, communication, theflow of ideas and taking the time to discuss difficult subjects is hugely important - even more so in the strange situation we find ourselves.

What prompted our latest round of discussions was the discovery that the collar was on its way. Time, I thought, for a good check of how brat's brain is coping with being a slave and how she's viewing the prospect of being "officially" enslaved.

We came to the conclusion that this was all a good thing, that she can't wait to wear my sexy collar around her neck and that she would strive to be much more pro-active. A slave that reacts well to her Masters' commands is all very well, but it's a step up from that to reading Masters' body language, learning those subtle clues, knowing His habits, antiscipating His needs and proactivly seeking to serve Him without being asked.

She took this discussion onboard and how!

OK, so after almost ten years together, you'd expect her to know m rather well and to be able to adjust to this new dynamic with ease. It's absolutely true. She's doing incredibly well and spent the weekend serving drinks, fetching things I wanted, antiscipating when the kids were getting on my nerves, etc. It's a good sign and a step on from the servitude she's been offering up to now.

Now, I don't know if this is something to do with her excitement at ebing ccollared, a result of her feeling extra submissive, but she's gone spanking crazy this weekend. Several times each day she's bounced around the living room, locked the door, dropped her panties and put herself over my lap for a good asswarming. Also, each night she's automatically lying on her front in bed, in position for her daily bedtime spanking. Such a good girl!

I'm loving it!

But it gets better. She's been offering more than her ass, folks.

Avid readers may recall that one of our most basic rules is that brat must consent to the penetration of my choice on demand, and that she's not allowed to cum without permission. Mix these up and add a dash of her new proactive attitude and what you have is your slave proffering her freshly spanked ass in your direction, alluringly draped over the high arm of the sofa with a comment to the effect of "would Master like to use his slave?"

I'm not sure entirely how selfless this act actually is, but feeling every inch the masterful monster, I took full advantage of her submission, spanking her soundly, penetrating her deeply and pumping her hard while she concentrated on holding off her orgasm and making her pussy and body just as pleasing as possible to me. The first time she offered herself in this fashion I made her wait at least ten minutes before releasing her with what I suspect is her favourite command:


I adore the feeling of her pussy muscles clamping down around my cock as her orgasm takes her! It's so primal! And the orgasm she has is spectacular. If only we didn't have to keep quiet. Last time I fucked her like that in private, the screams were nothing less than awe inspiring!

After another ten minutes of hard fucking, my poor knees neded a bit of a rest, so I had her come and cuddle me while I recovered. She marvelled about how good it was to give herself to me like that and how - in her head, at least - she hadn't been in the mood until I'd told her to cum. I take issue with that. Her pussy was definitely ready, judging by the amount of lubricant I'd encountered! It seems her mind and body still aren't in synch. All the better. Some people might see me as some kind of chauvanistic git for making my girl offer herself to be use for sex when she doesn't want it, but then most people would see me as an abusive bastard for taking a cane to her.

Oh how wrong you are, you small minded clots.

What you don't know is the burning desire that mounts in her body (if not her mind - for a few hours, anyway) after a good session. You don't get to experience the wonderment of a girl who takes emotional pleasure from being used purely for her man's enjoyment.

On one occasion yesterday I allowed her to cum freely during a fuck. She duly clamped hard down on my cock, gasping and panting as one looong orgasm stretched from seconds to minutes - and more minutes - as I took every ounce of pleasure inside her.

Then, because I like her to experience it with a clear, focussed mind, I ordered her to stop cumming as I felt my own climax build. She did well, not quite managing to hold off one last cum as I delivered my hot gift deep inside her with much grunting, gasping and "Oh god, yeah"'s.

Words cannot describe the exquisite feeling that comes with this Masters' orgasm, knowing that his slave is totally focussed on what He's doing to her.

She hadn't finished pleasing me then, though. To compensate for making her take my cum without her own orgasm, I allowed her to lie at my feet and masturbate using my cum to lubricate her clit.

It took her about thirty seconds to bring herself to three of the hugest, wettest, squirmiest, thrashingest, longest lasting orgasms she's ever had.

It took a disgusting amount of tissue to clean herself off afterwards! We spent the rest of the afternoon deeply content and thoroughly fucked.

later that evening, near to bedtime, with the sprogs finally tucked up in bed, I decided it might be time for another round. This was when we discovered that even with liberal application of lube, I'd fucked her so entirely sore that any more action would be more torture than pleasure and as I only get off on hearing "Ouch" during sex when I've attached some kind of torture implement to her and not in response to the thrustings of my cock, I decided to let her recover. Aren't I nice?

But not all things in the garden are rosy. For ne reason or another - not because of the recurring bouts of sex - brat decided she would hardly drink anything yesterday, realising with devastation at midnight that she'd notched up four demerits.


I gave her three options for working them off - four full power lashes with the cane, an hour in bondage or thirty minutes' cornertime. She ummed and ahhed for ages so I finally made the decision for her. So tonight she will be cuffed, chained and padlocked to the bed for sixty minutes. Not so bad, you think. The thing is, when nothing else is happening, you have nothing to do but focus on the inescapability of your situation, of the fact that your movements have been restricted because you've been naughty.

Apparenly, though, that wasn't enough for her. Shortly before retiring to bed, the situation came aorund that I was teasing her with kisses - you know the thing, brushing her lips with yours, breathin on her and getting ohhh so close but not touching, that kind of thing. Well, she decided to steal a few, which she knows will get her a minor punishment for being bratty, but then her natural brat took hold and a few really silly phrases started popping out of her mouth, like "you won't" and "Ha! I win!".

Really. On the list of things not to say to your Master, they have to be up there!

So along with her bondage punishment tonight, she will either find herself being covered in hot wax, or subjected to an hour of orgasm denial - something she counts as the worst punishent I could give her and the only one she hasn't experienced so far.

I swear she does it on purpose. Tonight should be very interesting, especially as it's not only the collar that's due to be delivered today, but a very secure, lockable ballgag.

Cue wickedly evil belly laugh

Saturday, October 21


OK, not quite, but WOW!

Todd and Suzy over at the American Spanking Society have had the kindness to make us the subject of their latest Wink!

Thanks guys, we love you and we're just blown away that you're enjoying this lil' ole place!

Friday, October 20

Gotta find something else to do

Events are conspiring against us.

Firstly, it's that time of the month - well, that time of the year as brat's monthly cycles are turned into biannual cycles by her contraceptive implant. Cue lots of mood swings, comfy undies and days in bed. Grr.

Secondly, it's that time of the semester. Half-term. One week chock full of kids.

Thirdly, the collar's on its way. Good timing, eh?

I may try my hand at some fiction. No promises, mind.

Thursday, October 19

Half Nekkid Thursday #3: A Bit Nippy

Atmospheric, isn't it?

It's Bad Pun HNT day today. So here's a rare picture of yer actual in-the-flesh Master Fitz flashing his favourite piercing.

The day I had it done was fun. I'd just gotten over my first ever attack of Gout, so when the piercer asked if it hurt having a rather scary large gauge needle shoved through my nipple, I could reply in all honesty that it din't hurt as much as my toe had been.

I wsa surprised a couple of hours later to realise that the topical anaethetic had worn off, but I was still feeling no pain. At the same time, I needed the toilet and while washing my hands afterwards, decided to have a look at my new body mod.

I lifted my black t-shirt to look in the washroom mirror...

To discover that the left side of my torso was literally covered in blood! Being the practical sort that I am, I cleared as much away as I could, chuckling, and wandered off. Needless to say my companions were suitably and satisfyingly horrified when I told them.

That night, we (brat and I, long before the contract) decided to try having sex. I strapped a sterile dressing to my chest and assumed the missionary position. About thirty seconds later, her side began to feel sticky against my forearm. Fearing the worst, I hit the light.

Yep, my nip had pissed with blood yet again. We looked like an extra from a horror film. The sex was good, though...

Wednesday, October 18


Wanna see all of our new toys?
riding crop

Here we have the Riding crop I've been so looking forward to. As I've mentioned before, it was bought from an equestrian supplier and is actually supposed to be used on horses. Never will, though. The tip isn't made of the rubber or leather loop I'm used to seeing on crops. Instead, it's a much more forgiving nylon weave tape, which has a needle-like sting to it and which brat reports as being "very nice". Yummy noises were heard, too!

Furry cuffs

Next up, our very opulent Furry, lockable leather cuffs. My brat has trouble getting comfortable in regular leather or metal cuffs and I wanted to find some she could wear for a long time, so these were an absolute godsend. The fur on them is at least half an inch deep and they fit just right. Add to that the loop where a padlock can be fitted and you have comfy bondage nirvana!


Here, we have our rapidly expanding collection of Paddles. The top one cost all of £2 and is made of two glued fake leather strips. It does make a hell of a racket, though. The big sucker in the middle is furlined on the red side you see there and is wonderful for those juicy sensual, sexual padlings that aren't supposed to hurt at all. The other side is leather and hurts like fuck! Lastly comes the wonderfully butch rubber paddle I picked up on my visit to the disappointing sex shop. It's one of those paddles you just want to put all your strength into.


I know it looks blue in that pic, but actually our New Rope is ten succulent metres of purpleness.

buttplugs and hitachi

Ah, our favourite! The imstantly recognisable Hitachi Magic Wand got an immediate positive reaction from brat. Well, more than a positive reaction to be honest. She jumped up and down on the spot when the UPS van pulled up, fought me to open the package, then raced me up the stairs to plug it in and experience the joys of this monster of all vibrators. We'll be playing with this one a lot!

Also, you can see our new Anal Play toys, a trainer butt plug and the smallest set of Thai Beads I've ever seen.

new cane and spreaderbars

Finally, you see the literal Heavy Hitter - our new, whippy Leather Handled Cane. It's already been put to good use to produce the stripe you can see in last week's HNT. Not strictly for punishment use alone, but it's another one I just want to use at full force.

Oh, and you can also see our home-made spreader bars - nothing more than a few screw-in "O" rings and a cut up broom handle. Total cost: £1.20 ($3).

That's it for now. We still have the Collar and a ballgag to come.

Yes, our playtimes just became a whole lot more interesting!

Tuesday, October 17

This is good!

I've been reading SpankBoss's Spanking Blog for months now, way before we started this lifestyle.

It became somewhat of a cornerstone to me, as I used it as a starting place to find out about the world of spanking erotica. It's also where I first stumbled across many of the blogs in my sidebar.

So you can maybe imagine my surprise when I noticed a number of visitors coming here from there.

On further investigation, it turns out that SpankBoss has been good enough to link to lil' ole me!

Rather chuffed! We're really honoured.